Monkey Palace Set is a TrackMaster (Revolution) set based on the episode, Thomas and the Monkey Palace. When Thomas' cargo car passes under the jungle vines, the monkey riding inside engages with the vines to swing on its own. The monkeys can also hang from the buildings.

Product Description

Box description

Thomas is visiting the Monkey Palace in India, where a few monkeys get separated from their family. As Thomas passes below the tree limb with the monkey in his cargo car, the cheerful chimp grabs onto the limb and swings back towards his friends!


  • Tropical Wildlife Decorated Thomas with Green Cargo Car
  • Two monkeys
  • Monkey Palace
  • Golden Archway
  • Tree limb piece
  • Four green curved track pieces
  • Yellow curved track piece
  • Two yellow straight track pieces
  • Y-Track piece
  • Green buffers


  • An illustration of Rajiv can be seen on the Monkey Palace.


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