Sky-High Bridge Jump


June 2016 (US)

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Sky-High Bridge Jump (also known as Thomas' Sky-High Bridge Jump) is a TrackMaster (Revolution) set based off The Great Race. Thomas can be lifted by Harold to the top of a large hill, where he is then released. The momentum from falling down the other side of the hill allows him to jump the Vicarstown Bridge, which has been raised, soar for over two feet over a canal, and then land on the mainland. As he turns back around, a barrel can be dropped from a cargo hopper, where it can be either picked up by a small hook on Harold or pushed by Thomas into a loading area.


The set features a spiral track, which Thomas goes around, up to the elevator where Harold is sitting. Thomas presses the big tab which moves the elevator up to the top, and a small button gets pressed against the track which releases him through a door down the ramp. Two lines hold Thomas in place as he speeds down the ramp aided by a slight elevation to keep him moving in the right direction until he jumps off Vicarstown Bridge and propelled two feet into the air over water into the landing area. Thomas hits the pressure plate which helps him slide back onto the track. At the hopper, pushing the handle drops a barrel on to the track which Thomas can push into the loading area.


  • Thomas with determined expression and speeding details
  • Harold
  • Vicarstown Bridge
  • Landing area
  • Moving Spiral Track Tower
  • Long Ramp
  • Water Section
  • Cargo Hopper with Barrel
  • Crossing Sign
  • Loading Area
  • Two Barriers with Waving Flags
  • Circuit of track with siding


  • An illustration of Ashima can be seen on the landing area.
  • This is the largest TrackMaster set to date.
  • For the purpose of this set, Harold appears despite not appearing in the movie.
  • The functions in this set are designed to only work in one direction.
  • Harold is detachable from the elevator and can be placed on the helipad at the top of the set.
  • The set does not work with tenders or rolling stock. Though an engine with a tender or a truck can make the jump and be lifted up by Harold, they will not be released at the top of the hill because the tender or truck will be hanging over the edge of the platform being carried by Harold. Flying Scotsman cannot make the jump at all, nor can a tender engine pulling a truck, however, the problem can be solved by removing a tender engine's tender.
  • If the elevator platform is activated without an engine, it may spin up faster than normal. If the lift isn't caught before it reaches the top, it may break the set. The lift will also spin out of control if the lift is pulled down without an engine and let go without locking in place.
  • The elevator platform has a small curved track section to prevent engines from going off the edge if it is not down.
  • On the landing area, there is a blue one way door which prevents engines from going in the wrong direction either sliding around the pressure plate, derailing, or hitting another landing engine.
  • The loading area has a barrier which stops engines from going in the other direction.